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Here are 6 factors to consider before buying a laptop or notebook

With numerous devices available, it’s difficult to filter what’s important, and what’s not. In this article, we’ll undergo six important factors you ought to consider when choosing your new laptop. We’ll also go through a list of seven important things to consider when buying a new laptop or notebook. For more information, visit our website and buying a laptop is a must-have list of products.

1. RAM

Random Access Memory ( RAM) is the most important to computer performance. Speed of computer, laptop or notebook depends a lot on the RAM. So it is important that RAM should be of high quality and large GB. Your laptop or notebook will work fast the more RAM  you have. 4GB RAM is minimum. If you run a large amount of software then use 8GB RAM. So, a laptop with 8GB RAM will work faster.

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Notebook Lenovo V15 15,6″ Full HD 8 GB 512 GB SSD 15″

Lenovo V15 IIL 82C5 | Intel Core I5 | Laptops Price In Pakistan

2. Size

One of the best things about a laptop is its ability to fit into a laptop bag and travel the world with you. If you are worried about portability, it is best to look for laptops with small screen sizes and a thin, lightweight design. These types of laptops are often marketed as Ultrabooks, so be careful with that name.

Or, more specifically, go with a device with a screen between 12 and 13.3 inches, and weighing less than 1.6kg.

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Notebook LG 16Z90P Full HD 16 GB 512 GB SSD

Notebook LG 16Z90P

3. Screen Quality

If you are like most of us, you will probably be looking at your laptop screen for hours every day. So be sure to choose a laptop with a simple screen. Glossier screens often show ambient light, so keep that in mind. Also note that touch screen laptops will have a shiny screen, so measure their weight and disadvantages.

Depending on how you use your laptop, screen adjustment will also be important. 1920 × 1080 is a full HD screen. This will give you better image quality and more space to keep your windows looking.

Notebook Asus UX325EA-KG245T 13,3″ Intel® Core™ i7-1165G7 16 GB LPDDR4X 512 GB SSD


4. CPU

Think of the CPU (central processing unit) as the heart of your laptop. Speaking of CPU, you can’t get much better than Intel’s Core-based range. New laptops may contain Core i3, Core i5, or Core i7.

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Notebook MSI 15-415ES Full HD 1 TB SSD 15″ Intel Core i7


5. Battery Life

Also, if portability is important to you (even if that means moving your laptop from your desk to your bed!), Battery life is something you should consider. The reality of laptop battery life is often very different from what it says in the box. Variables such as screen brightness and the types of programs you launch will affect how long the battery lasts.

6. Storage

Not only will you need to consider the amount of storage, but also the type of storage. Back in the day, hard disk drives were the favorite. With slimmer, lighter laptops in fashion, hard drives are not as popular. Instead, many laptop owners are opting for solid-state drives, which are faster, quieter, and you guessed it, more expensive.

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Notebook Asus FA506QR-AZ001 16 GB 1 TB SSD 15,6″ FHD AMD Ryzen 7



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